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Toni, Elizabeth and Catherine

Riley's Bellaire Farm is located at 3700 Bradshaw Road in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

The Farm is made up of three partners.  Toni, retired Christian County 4-H Agent, is now the general overseer, Catherine, who is a senior at the  University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and during the previous summers was the main farm laborer and boss and during the school year assumes the role of just boss.  Currently, she is doing an education abroad in Ireland.  You can follow her blog at www.

Elizabeth, is working on her Master's at Virginia Tech, has become an out of state consultant and has worked with Virginia 4-H'ers in the goat project and with the Virginia Livestock Leaders Forum.

We got started in goats as something else to show besides lambs.  We liked goats and were very successful in showing goats and started raising our own four years ago.  

We have been very successful in the show ring and have been able to help several other exhibitors to be successful as well.  Our bloodlines have strong influence from Show Barn Genetics and Lewis Creek Boer Goats.  We would not be where we are today with out the help of Alvin Tingle.  We are indebted to him for his advice.

Our first priority is education and with that education will come showring success.  We feel that showmanship is as important as on foot placing. We also feel that skillathon and judging are also essential parts of a goat project.  Knowledge is the key to success. 

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Resources for Livestock Projects,  Judging and Skillathon teams.

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Skillathon practices - these are interactive and excellent!!  Just click on the specie

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