e Farm
Show Goats
Toni, Elizabeth and Catherine Riley

Breeding Program

      We have developed a strong herd of wether does that produce kids with Show Barn Genetics bucks. 

  Our success in 2010 came from our foundation doe Sapphire and Rock Hard who is a AK son owned by Show Barn Genetics.   We had kids on the Kentucky show circuit that were from our does and a Show Barn Genetics, Another Notch son, Crank it Up a Notch.  These kids showed well all summer and were in the top ten of the Kentucky State Fair.

In 2010 we had a successful  flush with Topaz, Sapphire's daughter and Rock Hard with 9 of the 11 kids on the 2011 Kentucky,  Virginia and Georgia show circuit. Also in 2010 we purchased half interest in a BFR son Pop-a-Top from Show Barn.  Pop's kids were very successful on the show 2011 Kentucky circuit.  Pop's kids are looking great for 2012

Pop A Top

Sam - full brother to Pop
2011 NAILE
Grand Champion Market Goat

Pop's full sister, Reserve Champion Market Doe,
Georgia State Fair
Memori Everson

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